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About Us

There is a lot of need out there.  Thankfully, countless non-profits are out there everyday trying to do something about it.  But with resources stretched thin, many non-profits simply do not have the time, budget, or resources to craft a web presence befitting their overall mission.  That’s where we can help.  We have noticed that lots and lots of non-profits need help with their online initiatives and that’s where we can help.

full-logo-darkSo who are we? Sites for Service is an initiative of 1123Interactive, a responsive web design and custom WordPress development agency.  We have been building client sites since 1999, and over that time we have been fortunate to work in an around nearly every corner of the Internet, from projects with three digit budgets to projects with eight-digit budgets.  This background allows us to offer holistic design and development services, crafting online experiences that not only uniquely represent the site owner, but also uniquely delight the intended audience.

We are inspired by the amazing work non-profits are doing now-a-days and this is one small way we can give back.  We are all in this together and we hope these projects help lighten the load of organizations doing this amazing work.

How We Can Help…

Modern, Responsive Web Design
We can craft a modern design that effectively communicates the message of your non-profit.  And, since our speciality is responsive websites, the site will look great on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Easy Content Management
Web build our sites on the WordPress Content Management System platform, meaning that managing any of the content of your site is a snap.  If you can use an online email service, you can edit all of the content of your site.

Site Content Strategy
We work with you to unearth the stories you want your website to tell. From succinctly explaining your mission, to compelling content about how others can help, we can help you craft content that gets read.

Overall Site Usability & Effectiveness
All great web design is also greatly functional.  We build websites that are more than just a pretty face, that are also an effective communication vehicle, easy to navigate, use, and interact with.

Sites for Service volunteered their time to build us an impressive website.  They donated over 50 hours of time creating our web presence.  Sites for Service did whatever it took to exceed our expectations.  If they can make us happy, they can make anyone happy. We strongly recommend them.

Corey Ross

Executive Director, The Extra Mile Academy

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